Thursday, July 14, 2011

The World Has Gone Insane.

So… what do you do when everyone around you has gone insane? Or at least it feels that way.
For the last several weeks it seems that everyone I know is having one massive problem after another, marriages are breaking up after 20 years, people are dying unexpectedly, people have lost or quit their job for no apparent reason. People are selling everything they own, kissing their wife or husband and kids goodbye, and occasionally taking them with them and moving to China, Dubai, Russia and  a few other places that I would visit but have no desire to live.  What exactly is going on?

A friend of mine that I have known for 30 years told me that he was moving to India and would never be coming back to the USA. When I asked him why he was moving away he shrugged his shoulders and said “just because”. Now I understand the “because it’s there” attitude, climbing the mountain or swimming the channel or whatever does it for you, we all do it or have done it at one time or another in our lives but a 55 year old man who has worked his ass off to achieve success, is extremely patriotic and has no small amount of fortune, doesn’t just suddenly chuck it all and move to India, “just because’.

When pressed he offered up a more believable, and perhaps reasonable explanation.  

“Oh India may not be any better but it doesn’t matter. It is getting harder and harder for a thinking, intelligent individual to continue to live in and keep his mouth shut in the USA. We keep electing the worse possible political candidates to decide our future, we keep spending money we don’t have, and we keep selling off our country and our future and the future of every generation to come to the highest bidder, no matter who that bidder is.  The days are gone when hard work and honesty will get you ahead in the world, or on a smaller scale, this country. If you aren’t lying and cheating your way to the top, you are never going to get there. You can work 80 hours a week, pay your debts, and try to live in your own environment free of the day-to-day bull shit of the world but you are still going to be sucked into the ravenous void that is American life today. No longer are you allowed to be your own person, do your own thing. In the US today if you aren’t a bible thumping moron who does what he is told by politicians, church heads and the media, you aren’t going to be allowed to live in peace and quiet. It doesn’t matter that you keep to yourself, or that you don’t push your belief in your own philosophy on anyone, no matter that you aren’t hurting anyone or causing any problems, society in this country today feels it has the right to interfere in your personal space, your working life and your bedroom.

Now days churches are spending billions of dollars building the ugliest buildings they can, you’ve seen them, they take up entire city blocks and have huge banners extolling their “ urban worship hours”. Yet not a single dime that comes into those houses of despair goes into the coffers of the city, state or federal government. Non-profit my ass! Do you know how much it costs to build these hideous brain washing machines? We don’t need to raise the debt ceiling; we just need to make everyone pay their fair share. We could wipe out the deficit if we just made the religious organizations in this country pay up, just like the rest of us working bums do. But religion has such a hold over American life that people can’t see what is right in front of them, unless some dick preacher is telling them what to see. Religion invades every aspect of American life, even the life of a Satanist. Try sending your kid to public school without it affecting him, you can’t send a child to summer camp without some religion poking their nose into it. Hell, you can’t go to a baseball game without a pregame prayer or a song being played thanking god for the privilege of paying people extreme amounts of money to play a fucking game.

American’s are chumps, no way around it. We pay athletes millions of dollars to entertain us for a few hours just so we can forget about our crappy job, or the bills we can’t pay, or the freedoms our ancestors fought for being taken away and no one seems to notice, or the fact that we are told every second of every day what to believe. Hell, we are told what woman to find sexy. Every day the media brain washes people into thinking that some butt ugly woman in a movie is beautiful, or some pop singer is talented. Oh we know it isn’t true but we don’t say it, we just smile and nod our heads in agreement.  We are told who and when to marry, who to fuck and what sex they can be, who to believe in, vote for, cry over, hate, feel sorry for and who to trust, we are even told what and when to eat, read a book and what book, go for a walk and where, have a child and what to name it, and everything else that happens in life.  Americans never have to decide anything for themselves anymore, there is some preacher, politician or reporter to do it all for them.

Americans are afraid to speak their minds. I have seen people lose their job because they didn’t agree with the boss’s politics, they didn’t dress the way someone thought they should or didn’t watch the same TV programs, or like you, made a private joke the boss wasn’t privy to but someone decided they could stab you in the back and make sure the boss found out. If your neighbor finds out you are a republican or a democrat and they aren’t, they cut your tires, steal your outside decorations, try to get you into trouble with the law, or a home owners association. If you don’t believe or if you question what you hear on the television or the radio, or more likely the internet, you are considered a bad person, stupid, un-American. “What, you don’t believe Anthony Wiener has a big cock? Are you crazy? Just look at it, you can’t miss seeing it, it’s on the cover of every tabloid, Internet news site and late night talk show , what do you mean you don’t care? How dare you think that the government should be spending time and money on more important matters?” There is no such thing as real news reporting in this country its all “for entertainment” purposes, except it isn’t all that entertaining.  That is life in America today. No one cares about anything or anyone unless the government, the media or some religion tells them too. Americans no longer have priorities, they have fads, they don’t raise their kids, the government does, they can’t make a decision or express an opinion, the media does that for them, they can’t build a business without the approval of every Tom, Dick and Harry, and then only if it won’t interfere with a church. After all, you can’t build a restaurant within a ¼ mile of a church if you serve alcohol.

Life as we thought it would be doesn’t exist. You and I are not puppets, we think for ourselves, we handle our own problems the best way we can, and aren’t afraid to ask for advice from those we respect or are smarter than we are.  We try to make the best informed decisions we can regarding our lives and the lives of those we are responsible for. We don’t believe everything we are told by government or religion, and definitely not by the media. We are intelligent humans who like using our brain. We simply do not belong here in this world of zombie madness.  

I will always love my home, my family, my friends but I can no longer live in a country that allows inferior people who have little to no intelligence dictate my future. I will not participate, instigate, propagate or initiate the conformity mentality of the people who American’s have put into power simply because the “majority” wants someone to blame when it all goes bad, and it will always go bad.”

I understood where my friend was coming from, I agree with him on almost every point. I admit there have been times when I have considered moving to another country just to get away from all the stupidity that has consumed the US. Maybe he has the right idea but… the problem is that where ever you go there will be people and things you won’t like and sooner or later you will have that urge to say to hell with it and pack up again. It won’t ever stop. The solution is not to move from one place to another. You have to change the people, not the location. Unfortunately I also agree with him that changing the people is not going to happen. Too many are brain washed into believing whatever the government or religion wants them to believe, and the media is just a tool being used to keep the brain washing going, generation after generation.  The damage has been done. Society is like a cancerous growth that goes untreated; it will eventually kill us all.  Unless…